// Full-Stack Web Development

Our signature 12-week full-time bootcamp prepares students to become professional software engineers by developing their technical and interpersonal skills.

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12 weeks
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  • Git Version Control
  • CSS, Flex
  • JavaScript, ES6, JSON
  • Databases: MySQL and MongoDB
  • SQL Queries and Indexing
  • PHP
  • Typescript
  • Laravel: a Php Framework
  • NodeJs: a Runtime Environment
  • ReactJS: Front-end Library
  • React Native: Mobile App Development
  • Amazon Web Services
  • UI/UX: Intro, Design tools (Figma), Prototyping

Soft Skills

  • CV Writing and Job Interviewing
  • Public Pitching and Presentation
  • Teamwork and Professional Communication

Ideal students for this course:

  • Background in Computer Science
  • Over 18
  • Residing in Lebanon
  • Highly motivated
  • Speaks and writes good English
  • Demonstrates knowledge in the fundamental topics of Computer Science (Algorithms and Data structures, etc...) with or without a degree in the field or FCS Graduate
  • Able to commit full time for 3 months, all weekdays from 10 am to 7 pm
  • Willing to commit to a full-time job after graduating from SE Factory

Program Fees

SE Factory offers low-cost programs with flexible payment terms, where you only pay the main fee if you graduate and get hired

there are two required payments for SE Factory students in the FSW program:

  • If you get accepted into our FSW Bootcamp, you are expected to pay LBP 510,000 upon admission. (If you were already enrolled in our FCS before and paid the fees, you don’t need to pay it again in FSW)

  • After you graduate from the Bootcamp, and if ONLY IF you get employed, you will be contractually obligated to pay SE Factory a “Success Fee” following acceptance of a job offer, equivalent to $2,000 (two thousand USD) fee. You have the choice to pay this all at once, or in monthly installments spread over a period of 12 to 16 months.

Application Process

  1. Signup for an account here
  2. Submit your application
  3. You will have to pass the exam (Study Python, Algorithms (BFS, DFS, etc), Graphs/Trees, Recursion, Dictionaries)
  4. If you pass the exam, you will be invited to an interview to test your English and get to know you
  5. The total of your score (application + interview + exam) will decide your acceptance in the top 50

Course Calendar

  • Application Open : DD/MM/YYYY
  • Application Close : DD/MM/YYYY
  • Selection Date Process : DD/MM/YYYY
  • Course Start Date : DD/MM/YYYY
  • Course End Date : DD/MM/YYYY
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