FCS: Foundations of Computer Science

Our nine-week, online, part-time blended learning course provides students with a solid understanding of the foundational concepts of Computer Science using Python.

video lectures
coding exercises
9 weeks
program duration
enrollment fee
Course Information

Bootcamp Technical Topics Covered

  • Python
  • Algorithms (Sorting, Searching, Insert/Delete/Search in Data Structures, Depth-First Search, Breadth-First Search)
  • Complexity Analysis (Big-O Notation)
  • Data Structures (Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues, Priority Queues, Trees, Graphs)
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • File Systems

Ideal students for this course

  • Over 18
  • Residing in Lebanon
  • Highly motivated
  • Speaks and writes good English
  • Able to commit part-time for 9 weeks, mid-week in the afternoon or weekends in the morning
  • Willing to submit weekly assignments
  • Looking to become a full-stack developer

Application Process

  1. Signup for an account here
  2. Score 100 points or more on HackerRank's Python coding challenges and submit your HackerRank username for verification
  3. Based on your application or/and score you will be accepted or put on the waiting list due to high demand

Course Calendar

Event                                         | Date
Application Open                              | DD/MM/YYYY
Application Close                             | DD/MM/YYYY
Selection Date Process                        | DD/MM/YYYY
Course Start Date                             | DD/MM/YYYY
Course End Date                               | DD/MM/YYYY