FSD - “Python” Syllabus
// “Embark on a thrilling journey into the realm of Python data science”
  • Introduction to Python for Data Science
  • Exploring Data with Pandas
  • Data Aggregation and Visualization with Pandas
  • Recommended Book: Python for Data Analysis" by Wes McKinney

// “Take your data wrangling skills to the next level with advanced techniques”
  • Advanced Data Wrangling Techniques
  • Time Series Analysis with Pandas
  • Advanced Data Visualization with Pandas

Student Evaluation Committee - EVALUATION & NOMINATION
// “Learn how to say "Hello World" to the fascinating world of databases”

Introduction to SQL

  • Overview of relational databases and SQL.
  • Basic SQL syntax and data types.
  • Querying data using SELECT statements.
  • Filtering and sorting data with WHERE and ORDER BY clauses.

Manipulating Data with SQL

  • Inserting, updating, and deleting data with INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements
  • Modifying table structures with ALTER TABLE
  • Introduction to table relationships and JOIN operations

Aggregating and Grouping Data

  • Using aggregate functions such as COUNT, SUM, AVG, MAX, and MIN
  • Grouping data using GROUP BY and HAVING clauses
  • Writing subqueries to perform advanced queries

Recommended Book

  • SQL Queries for Mere Mortals" by John L. Viescas and Michael J. Hernandez

// “Prepare to level up your SQL skills and become a true SQL ninja!”

Advanced Querying Techniques

  • Working with multiple tables using JOIN operations
  • Understanding different types of JOINs (INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN, FULL JOIN)
  • Using subqueries and common table expressions (CTEs)

Database Design and Optimization

  • Normalization principles and database design best practices.
  • Indexing and optimizing SQL queries for performance
  • Analyzing query execution plans and identifying bottlenecks.

Introduction to SQL Libraries in Python

  • Recommended Book: "Python for Data Analysis" by Wes McKinney
  • Overview of popular SQL libraries in Python (e.g., SQLAlchemy, SQLite3)
  • Connecting to databases and executing SQL queries in Python
  • Fetching and manipulating query results with Python

Student Evaluation Committee - EVALUATION & NOMINATION
// “Get ready for a dynamic fusion of SQL and Python!”

Data Manipulation with SQL in Python

  • Inserting, updating, and deleting data using Python and SQL
  • Performing advanced queries and joins in Python
  • Handling transactions and error handling in SQL operations

ETL - SQL and Python Integration in Projects

  • Overview on ETL.
  • Integrating SQL databases with Python web frameworks (e.g., Flask, Django)

Recommended Book

  • "Python for Data Analysis" by Wes McKinney

// “Embark on an enchanting journey into the realm of cloud computing with AWS Lambda and witness the magic of serverless architecture.”

Serverless Computing with AWS Lambda

  • Introduction to serverless architecture
  • Creating and deploying AWS Lambda functions
  • Configuring event triggers and working with Lambda functions

Integrating AWS Services with Lambda

  • Building serverless applications with AWS API Gateway
  • Implementing RESTful APIs using Lambda and API Gateway
  • Securing Lambda functions and managing permissions

Scaling and Monitoring with AWS Lambda

  • Auto-scaling Lambda functions based on demand
  • Monitoring and logging Lambda functions using CloudWatch
  • Troubleshooting common issues and optimizing Lambda performance

Student Evaluation Committee - EVALUATION & NOMINATION
FSD - “Data Visualization” Syllabus
// “Step into the world of data visualization with Power BI and unlock the power of visual storytelling.”
  • Power BI Essentials: Introduction to Data Visualization
  • Creating Interactive Visualizations in Power BI
  • Advanced Visualization Techniques in Power BI
  • Recommended book: "Information Dashboard Design: The Effective Visual Communication of Data" by Stephen Few

// “Dive deeper into the art of data storytelling using Power BI.”
  • Designing Effective Dashboards in Power BI
  • Storytelling with Data in Power BI
  • Sharing and Presenting Power BI Visualizations
  • Recommended book:  "Data Storytelling: The Essential Data Science Skill Everyone Needs" by Mico Yuk
Student Evaluation Committee - EVALUATION & NOMINATION
// “The Final Project.”

During this phase, students start working on their final projects.

The SEF team act as consultants for the following: 

  • UI/UX 
  • Features Functionalities and Finalization 
  • Architecture and Infrastructure
  • Code Cleaning and Documentation
  • Deployment on AWS (EC2 instances) 
  • Github and ReadMe Publication
  • Data Visualization and project demo